Apple aims to be a manufacturer that will one day make products without mining any new material from the earth. To achieve this bold vision, they are constantly inventing more efficient ways to recycle materials back into their devices. Currently, all Apple devices are made from recycled Aluminum, which is a huge move towards being environmentally friendly. They are also replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. All their facilities worldwide now run on 100% renewable energy. These are their big steps toward a smaller carbon footprint.

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Smart, sleek and reliable, Apple devices have evolved over time, but what remains constant is the unparalleled user experience that comes with their interactive OS. In fact, the Apple iOS delivers slick designs and a variety of lifestyle tools across its product line-up, whether it is an  Apple iPad,  Apple MacBook ,  Apple iPhone or the  Apple Watch . 

Beginning from their effortless sync-up process to the layers of security developed to safeguard your Apple devices, the 'Apple ecosystem' is a multi-faceted platform offering a myriad of features. 

What Apple product is the right pick for you?

Whether you're a student or indie filmmaker working on your next documentary, a stay-at-home parent scouring the internet for a recipe or a jet-setting business professional rushing for a conference, rest assured there's an Apple product fit for you. 

Configured with advanced security, excellent cameras and a vibrant display, Apple iPhones are a suitable fit for those looking to upgrade their existing Smartphones. 

Alternatively, if your flair for creativity demands a larger screen to get sketching, Apple offers a range of iPad variants. These include the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini or iPad Air, with cellular and Wi-Fi configurations. Available in eye-catching hues and with up to 1TB storage, it is hassle-free to pop one into your backpack for a day out without worrying about the battery life. 

Apple also offers an ultra-portable solution to those who like to carry their world on their voyages. Apple MacBooks are elegant, snappy and are fired up with the latest iOS updates to help you wrap up your work in a jiffy. 

Lastly, if you're the kind who can barely catch a breather during the week, the Apple Watch allows you to go through your calls, notifications and emails on the go. Additionally, it measures your daily fitness activity and is available in a host of fun new colours. Pair it up with the right Apple accessories, such as the AirPods or AirTags, and enhance the performance of your device like never before.  

What's new from Apple? 

The latest launch from Apple unveiled its flagship  Apple iPhone 14 series. This includes iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple also launched a new colour way for the iPhone 14 series, the Green and Alpine Green.

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