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Apple Pencil Pro

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New Apple Pencil Pro

Apple Pencil Pro adds even more magical capabilities to help bring your ideas to life. New advanced features make marking up, taking notes and creating a masterpiece more intuitive than ever.

Squeeze. Apple Pencil Pro can sense when you squeeze it and brings up a new palette, so you can quickly switch tools, line weights and colours.

Barrel roll. A new gyroscope allows you to rotate Apple Pencil Pro for precise control of shaped pen and brush tools.

Haptic feedback. A custom haptic engine provides precise feedback you can feel. When you squeeze or double tap, you’ll feel a light pulse confirming the action.

Apple Pencil hover.¹ Preview exactly where your Apple Pencil will touch down on your display and see a virtual shadow of your tool. So you can write, sketch and illustrate with even greater precision.

Double tap. Quickly switch between tools, like a pen and eraser, with a double-tap on Apple Pencil.

And if you misplace Apple Pencil Pro while you’re out and about or at home, you can easily locate it in the Find My app. Apple Pencil Pro attaches, pairs and charges magnetically on the side of your iPad.

What’s in the Box

Apple Pencil Pro

Tech Specs

Length: 166 mm (6.53 inches)

Diameter: 8.9 mm (0.35 inches)

Weight: 19.15 grams (0.68 ounces)



Other Features

Magnetically attaches, pairs and charges

System Requirements

iPadOS 17.5 or later


iPad Models

  • iPad Pro 13″ (M4)
  • iPad Pro 11″ (M4)
  • iPad Air 13″ (M2)
  • iPad Air 11″ (M2)